Coggshall Trilogy Challenge Reg is closed

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Registration for the 2014 Coggshall Trilogy Challenge has closed.

See you there!

Player Check-in              8:30 AM

Player Meeting                9:15 AM

Tee Off                                9:30 AM



Advanced  4 players

Arnold, Cooper
Breen, Sean
Garretson, Greg
Morneault, Curtis

Intermediate  12 players

Banatoski, Stephen
Beauregard, Ryan
Boughton, Eric
Crosby, Charles
Erikson, Nick
Johnson, Corey
Kimball, Tim
Mullett, Dave
Onners, Dean
Phillips, Caleb
Phillips, Dave
Stewart, Aaron

Intermediate Women  2 players

Krieser, Kim
Phillips, Kara

Novice  13 players

Babel, Seth
Jenkins, Josh
LaBrecque, Nathan
LaBrecque, Nathan
McKenny, Mark
Mortimer, George
O’Connell, Jamie
Perry, Evan
Shaw, Andrew
Shaw, Michael
Simmons, Marty
Stafford, Ethan
Stevens, Jake

Novice Women  2 players

Nicola, Jesse
Raville, Mindy

Junior I – Boys  1 player

Simmons, Gavin

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