Vision Statement:
The Massachusetts Association for the Advancement of Disc Golf , (hereafter MAADG), is a privately held  organization dedicated to the expansion and promotion of the sport of Disc Golf within Massachusetts and it’s immediate neighbors.

Mission Statement:
To the best of our abilities, and to the limits of our resources, we dedicate ourselves to the expansion and promotion of disc golf as an easy to learn yet challenging to master, physically rewarding and extremely exciting sport accessible to all persons of all ages.

We follow and promote the rules and competitive standards as established by the PDGA and promoted by U.S. PDGA, DGA and NEFA as the recognized and established disc golf organizations we support and look to for guidance.

Primary Areas of Focus:

• Education Outreach…

  1. Youth Programs
  2. Clinics 
  3. Expansion of school sports program opportunities

• Disc Golf Promotion…

  1. Tournament organization and sponsorship
  2. New course development and support
  3. Club development and support

• To avail ourselves of all media opportunities which would serve to expand awareness of our sport and support it’s growth.

Value Statement:
MAADG is committed to the principles of:
• Total Health
• Expansion through education
• Fair Play
• Individual Growth
• Volunteerism
• Environmental responsibility (pack it in…pack it out)



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