Devens Sunday Random Dubz League


We meet EVERY Sunday morning!
Rain, shine or snow all year long… in snow shoes…really…we have pics to prove it.
9:30 am.
ALL PLAYERS WELCOMED. (Well, except Fred… Fred’s been banned for life.)
We play a random doubles format. We flip discs for partners. If there are an odd number of players the last man out in the flip, or a volunteer, plays Cali. Players fee is 5 bucks. Cash… no checks…no IOU’s. Pay out 80% to the top 2 places, 60/40 split. The extra dollar is added to our party fund. Thank you.
We flip a disc to determine the course played. It is a sacred, magical disc, which some have said possesses the power to heal scuffs and cuts, that should only be flipped by the initiated. It is completely random and at the whim of the Tree Gods. The Tree Gods seem to like The General.
We are also a points league from first Sunday in May through the last Sunday in November, which btw, will be our Big Doubles Blow-Out Extravaganza Mega Event. Every time you show up you earn 1 point. You also earn 1 point for every person you place higher than. The more players…the more points. It’s a ponzi scheme. Get in early. Bring friends.
We meet up at the Hawk’s Nest disc golf shop at 210 West Main St. in Ayer, Ma. 01432. Begin arriving anytime around 9  for a 9:30 start. Since some of our members also play at Coggshall Park , which starts at 1pm, we try to start off straight away at 9:30. We shoot to be finished between 11:30 – 12.

(scroll down for past weeks)

Week 13 Report


Congrats to Sam Gaddes and Jared Reincke on the win today. A six hole shootout between 3 teams tied at 48. Joe DeCarolis and Jerel Davis got the #2 spot. This moves Joe D. into a first place tie with Joshua St Denis at 87 points.

The really big news today is that we passed our second major goal as a league. We passed 50 unique players today!

Party fund up to $157.00


Week 11 Report

Welcome to week 11 everyone! What a great day we had. NEW RECORD AGAIN!!! 24 players came out today with 4 new players joining us for the first time. Please welcome Donnie Phillips, Jason Langlais, Jaybob Johnson, and John Rodenhizer.

This week the magic disc picked The Hill. The card I was on, naturally, came dragging in last but we still got winners paid and everyone gone by noon. Good job all!

Josh is barely holding onto the lead. Big days = big points.

Party fund is up to $129.00

wk11dubz-page-001     Standing_11-page-001  Standing_11-page-002


Week 10 Report


20 PLAYERS THIS WEEK! You guys are great. This is really turning into a league. Our standings sheet spilled over to a second page!
Big winners were Jesse Cleary and Mat Ladroga with 19 points each and 46 bucks. However… Josh tied for 2nd with 13 points which was enough to really push his lead. Big battles for several other key spots.

We welcomed 7 new players this week…Eleanor Anne, Mat Ladroga, Kelly Jenkins, Stephen Hamel, Damon Pierce, Tracey and Steve.

I redesigned the standings chart to make it easier to see rankings and ties. Let me know what you think.

Party fund is up to $105.00
43 league players

wk10dubz-page-001                                Standing_10-page-001Standing_10-page-002

Week 9 Report

Wow…two weeks in a row with unlucky weather. I clearly don’t possess Luke’s magic!
Still…six people donned rain gear and trekked The Hill. Josh widened his lead.

Party fund is up to $86.00

wk9dubz-page-001                        Standing_9-page-001

Week 8 Report


Storms kept all but the foolish out for dubz today. However ..the win was just enough points to push Josh into first place.

Party fund is up to $80.00

wk8dubz-page-001                                Standing_8-page-001

Week 7 Report

Welcome to Week 7 Everyone! What a great day we had. This week the magical disc picked The General. 14 folks came out today with 3 new players joining us for the first time.

The fight for the top spot is really heating up with only 1 point separating 1st from 3rd. This is getting interesting.

Party fund is up to $76.00

wk7dubz-page-001      Standing_7-page-001

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Week 6 Report

June 7, 2015

Big Sunday this week! We passed 30 unique players who’ve joined us. We also gave out our biggest prize pool with $56.00 going to winners today. The league standings are starting to really heat up. Josh St. Denis pulled out in front of Joe with a big win. Aaron Little has finished top of the money two weeks in a row and is moving up fast.

wk6dubz-page-001      Standing_6-page-001

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Week 5 Report

May 31, 2015

Here are the scorecard and updated standings for Week 5. New people are joining us every time we meet up. This week we welcomed our first junior to the league. Way to step up Casey!

We played The Hill with just a few seconds of a light sprinkle rain. By the time we were half way through our round the course was clearly crowded. Good Stuff! Grow the sport.

Marc Duci and Aaron Little took it down with a strong 46 for a -8.

In the standings race Joe DeCarolis  still hold 1st place but Josh keep creeping closer.

Next Sunday. Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel.

wk5dubz-page-001    Standing_5-page-001

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Week 4 Report

May 24, 2015

Nice win to Pete Devious and Josh St. Denis this week. Joe hangs onto 1st in the standings.

After it was brought up that I was over complicating the process of breaking ties you will find the correct and updated card and standings below.

Just so everyone’s on the same page: 1st and 2nd place, (cash spots), ties will be decided by a CTP shot at 13’s basket from a random spot picked by the TD. All other ties will remain ties.

Week 3 Report

May 17, 2015

wk3dubz-page-001       Standing_3-page-001

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 Week 2 Report

May 10, 2015

wk2dubz-page-001     Standing_2-page-001

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Week 1 Report

May 3, 2015

wk1dubz-page-001      Standings_1-page-001

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