2015 Devens Hill Fest

SAT/SUN August 1-2, 2015
Devens Disc Golf Courses

Brought to us by
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What a fantastic weekend.

First and foremost…thank you to each and every one who came out to play this weekend. This community just keeps amazing me. 5 fun disc golf events all crammed into two days and no major snafus’. None of this could have happened with out your determination to have a great time while putting up with me in the way. Thank you so much!

Second…. BIG SHOUT OUT to Joshua and the Hawk’s Nest. There is no way I could have put 700 glow sticks out there! (Yup…700.) They also provided the great sandwiches, courtesy of Dan’s Place, for the Women’s Open on Sunday. Thank’s guys.

All of our sponsors…ESPECIALLY Gateway and Dynamic Discs who made it possible to give away tons of cool stuff. Thank you. #BeDynamic  #Gateway

Congrats to Jared Reincke on the Trilogy win!

Props to Marc Duci and Bob Hollywood for shining in the MVP Circuit Event

I may have run the thing but you lunatics are the ones who came out in droves…..partied your butts off…..and played a few very challenging, (given the/your conditions), rounds of glow golf. This is becoming VERY popular. I think I see a Halloween costume round in our future.

Sunday Dubz

Ladies…….what can I say? You all where totally amazing today! I’m speechless. (I know…right?)

Below are the pics I took…….please share your pics with us!

Contact me with questions or feedback. Suggestions for next year???
You made doing this so easy……Peace.

IMG_20150801_103505 - Copy IMG_20150801_103524 - Copy IMG_20150801_103531 - Copy IMG_20150801_103542 - Copy IMG_20150801_103549 - Copy IMG_20150801_103557 - Copy IMG_20150801_103630 - Copy IMG_20150801_103644 - Copy IMG_20150801_103652 - Copy IMG_20150801_103838 - Copy IMG_20150801_103903 - Copy IMG_20150801_103925 IMG_20150801_103944 - Copy IMG_20150801_104014 - Copy IMG_20150801_104021 IMG_20150801_104025 IMG_20150801_104031 IMG_20150801_121336 IMG_20150801_123033 IMG_20150801_161943 IMG_20150801_162034 IMG_20150802_110030 IMG_20150802_110033 IMG_20150802_110048 IMG_20150802_110051 IMG_20150802_122835 IMG_20150802_122839 IMG_20150802_122844 IMG_20150802_160456 IMG_20150802_160524


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