2015 Devens MVP Circuit Event

About the Circuit

The 2015 MVP Circuit is an event designed to promote disc golf to new players, introduce players to the MVP Disc Sports brand and products, and serve as a gathering for MVP Fans.

Recommended entry fee for an MVP Circuit event is $30.

Register Here    SOLD OUT!!!!

Current Player List

Event Format

Putter Olympic Games

1 Round of Disc Golf
PDGA Rules, Singles, Single round on The Hill

Driver Showcase



Player’s Pack

Circuit Player's Pack

  • UnreleasedRelay 16mm Fairway Driver in Neutron Plastic
  • Tangent Midrange Driver in Plasma Plastic
  • Atom Putt & Approach in Electron Plastic
  • Swag Pack with MVP Koozie, Wristband, and Vinyl Sticker
  • Retail value over $60!

Standard Prize Pack items (to be divided by the Event Director) include MVP plastic and accessories, as well as a large metal disc with a unique MVP Circuit Champion stamp. Prizes may be given for the winners of the round, as well as winners of Putter Olympics and the Driver Showcase.

Winner’s Pack

Each Circuit Director will be provided with one default prize pack to divide at their discretion, and may purchase additional Circuit-stamped discs for prizes.

The Circuit Champion Prize Pack includes 10 Circuit-stamped MVP discs.


GYRO™ Putter Olympics

Every Circuit event should be fun, informative, and encouraging to all. The Circuit begins with a celebration of putters and all that they can do.

GYRO™ Putter Olympics is a series of games designed to familiarize players with their Player’s Pack Electron Atom and showcase the capabilities of MVP’s premium putters  For newer players, this is an excellent time to get instruction and practice the basics.

Putter Olympic Games:

  • Putting Stations
  • Ring of Fire
  • Long Approach Shootout (CTP)


3-Disc Round of Competitive Disc Golf

Players may use only their three Circuit Player’s Pack discs.

Single round to be played on The Hill

The Circuit Player’s Pack includes an under stable 16mm Fairway Driver that should be usable for all throwers from beginner to expert.


Driver Showcase & Awards

After the 3-Disc Round, players will have a bit of downtime as cards come in, which will be filled by our Driver Showcase.  We encourage each Circuit Event to carry a stock of MVP plastic to sell, including our Fairway and Distance Drivers, and players may bring their own GYRO™ bag to drive after the round.

The highly anticipated Photon and Wave 21.5mm Distance Drivers, as well as Plasma Inertia and Tesla, will be available (with 2015 Circuit stamps) to your Event Director should they choose to carry them, so let them know you’re interested when you register.

The Driver Showcase is intended as a free-form driver exhibition, practice, and instruction time.  Your Event Director may elect to have competitive Distance, CTP/Accuracy, or other Driver Games.  Now’s the time to let those big GYRO™ drivers rip.

Once the Event Director is ready, they can begin their Awards Ceremony for winners of the various Circuit events.

Registered Players


Mark Padilla
John DeFrancesco



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