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Overdue Dubz Update

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A long overdue Sunday Dubz update was just posted covering the last 3 Sundays. Sorry guys…Maple Hill started a domino effect.



Week 7 Dubz Report

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Welcome to Week 7 Everyone! What a great day we had. This week the magical disc picked The General. 14 folks came out today with 3 new players joining us for the first time.

The fight for the top spot is really heating up with only 1 point separating 1st from 3rd. This is getting interesting.

Party fund is up to $76.00
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Week 5 Report

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Here are the scorecard and updated standings for Week 5. New people are joining us every time we meet up. This week we welcomed our first junior to the league. Way to step up Casey!

We played The Hill with just a few seconds of a light sprinkle rain. By the time we were half way through our round the course was clearly crowded. Good Stuff! Grow the sport.

Marc Duci and Aaron Little took it down with a strong 46 for a -8.

In the standings race Joe DeCarolis  still hold 1st place but Josh keep creeping closer.

Next Sunday. Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel.

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